Be an extra in 'VIVALDI - DANGEROUS LIAISONS' at your local theatre

OPERA2DAY and the Nederlandse Bachvereniging present a brand-new baroque opera, with music by Antonio Vivaldi. In the show Vivaldi's most thrilling arias are combined in a new libretto, based on the illustrious epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Read more about the show.

Join in!

From January through March 2019 OPERA2DAY will tour the Netherlands with 26 performances. OPERA2DAY gives a total of 600 enthusiastic amateur actors the chance of becoming an extra. Each extra will appear in just one show and your application is for the show at your local theatre. The dates are listed below.

As an extra, you play a servant at the court of the leading characters. The story is set on the eve of the French Revolution, during which the aristocracy's authority is waning and the middle classes seize power. The servants are preserving the elite's decadent world, literally and figuratively, and will be on stage during several scenes. In the important final scene the extras will represent the French Revolution.

What do we ask?

* Your knowledge of the Dutch language is sufficient to follow a rehearsal in Dutch
* You are looking forward to making a huge success of this show, together with us.
* You are at least 16 years old.
* You are comfortable on stage (but you do not need extensive acting experience).
* You are physically fit. We do not ask you for a marathon medal, but it is important that you are fairly supple and are able to sit/stand in the same position for some time.
* You fit in a costume size XS-XXL.
* You are available and present at the preliminary rehearsal as well as on the day of the performance. Dates are listed below.
* You pay an amount of €20,00 to join in.

What do you get?

* The opportunity to play an important part in a professional show.
* Rehearsals with one of OPERA2DAY's theatre teachers.
* Supper on the day(s) you are performing.
* A wonderful day with a charming cast and crew.
* Costume, hair styling and make-up by our enthusiastic dressers and make-up artists.
* A programme of the show.
* Digital access to the registration of the show, provided we succeed in financing the recording.
* Reduced-fare cards for your supporters. 


See the dates below and complete the application form (in Dutch)
OPERA2DAY will select candidates based on age and gender in order to create a balanced group. There are no specific wishes regarding looks. If you have any questions, please contact our coordinator Mieke van der Ven at: meedoen@opera2day.nl / 06-23365583


Every applicant applies for performance in one show. Several days in advance you will rehearse one evening, generally in the theatre where the show will be performed, sometimes at a location nearby. On the day of the show you are expected at the theatre in the middle of the afternoon for further preparation. Below you will find all locations as well as the show and rehearsal dates.

At several locations more than one rehearsal or more than one performance is planned. This is explained in a footnote.

[1] As this is the very first show, the extras will play the dress rehearsal (without audience) on 12 January and the try-out (with audience) on 13 January. Exact times will folllow; approximately 12 January 11.00-22.30 hrs, and 13 January 12.00-18.00 hrs. There is no separate rehearsal evening.

[2] These are the pre-première and the première, with the same group of extras performing. This group is also asked to rehearse more often during the editing period in Theater aan de Schie (Schiedam) in order to have the director try out his ideas with the group to refine and perfect them. Exact times will follow; approximately: Monday 7 January 19.00-22.00 hrs (Den Haag), Tuesday 8 January 18.00-22.00 hrs (Schiedam), Wednesday 9 January 19.00-22.00 hrs (Schiedam), Thursday 10 January 17.00-22.00 hrs (Schiedam, supper included), Friday 11 January 17.00-22.00 hrs (Schiedam, supper included). The performance on Wednesday 16 January requires you to be at the theatre at 14.30 hrs. The time of Thursday 17 January will be communicated later.

[3] OPERA2DAY wants to make an HD-registration of the performance to be published as online streaming and on DVD. We will try to finance the recording through crowdfunding. Should we succeed, the last two shows of the tour will be filmed, and we would like to have the same group of extras for these dates. This group will have an evening rehearsal on 11 March and will then play two shows, on 15 March (present from 14.30 hrs) and 16 March (time to follow).


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